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Check Dein Wissen - A project of the University of Zurich and Swisscom for user management, online checks and reporting in schools

Check Dein Wissen

A project of the University of Zurich and Swisscom for user management, online checks and reporting in schools


Check Dein Wissen - University of Zurich and Swisscom

Through a partnership with Swisscom and IBE we've been able work in the education market. Here, we have conceived, designed and developed a sophisticated and streamlined learning and assessment management tool. We continue to collaborate with our partners on further exciting systems in the field.

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Check Dein Wissen is a modern and streamlined learning management platform for schools, that takes full advantage of the latest technology to support educators and students. It is unique amongst platforms in this category for its adaptive testing feature, that responds to a student's test answers by adjusting the difficulty of subsequent questions, on the fly.

This means it is able to support learning through formative assessment, providing constantly and individually-calibrated challenges to help maintain the student's confidence and engagement, and clear feedback to their teachers.

The website main features are:

  • Cutting edge usability
  • Adaptive testing
  • Reporting tool
  • Scalability

Switzerland's decentralised education arrangements, in which differences and variations are the norm rather than the exception, present huge challenges to any attempt manage its complex diversity in a single system. Check Dein Wissen meets this challenge without placing an undue burden on its users, employing intuitive and natural interface tools that allow each canton's arrangements to be represented within the system with a minimum of effort. In fact the sophistication of Check Dein Wissen's modelling system and its management interface means it is readily adaptable to the needs of nearly any educational system. This flexibility extends to the level of school principals and even teachers, allowing them to organise the assessment regimes within their purview according to their own schemes.

Our web applications for the project handle the creation, scheduling and administration of assessments, both online and and on paper.
The reporting system is as configurable to the requirements of different educational systems as the assessment applications, and similarly powerful. Its reports, in different formats and for different media, are enriched with advanced data visualisations to allow educators to track and assess students' progress. Online, they make full use of the power of modern web interfaces to allow exploration and contextualisation of the data; in print, they create clear and elegant records.

In Check Dein Wissen the full power of modern web interface technology has been brought to bear on the problem of managing and displaying deeply-structured information that models complex aspects of the real world. The users of Check Dein Wissen are not web professionals, but educators and their students. For these audiences, not only is learning to use a new system a low priority and considered an unwanted obstacle, but as users they represent vast spectrum of experience and needs that may not safely be taken for granted. Our UX team worked through numerous painstaking cycles of development and testing to ensure that we could deliver a product that met the standards we set for it. Advanced frontend techniques guarantee accessibility and swift, easy navigation through complex material. Many aspects of the system's interfaces were built from the ground up with these needs in mind, with minute attention to detail.

From the frontend of our webstack to the deployment layer, we work according to Internet standards with robust, modern and elegant open-source components. We are not just enthusiastic users of open-source software, but active supporters of and contributors to it as well. We adopt cutting-edge containerisation technology such as Docker to make our deployments fast, reliable and hugely scalable, and ready to respond rapidly to new requirements. The system is designed as a series of modular components, each of which may be scaled independently as required.

At the heart of our work lies Django, a Python-based web application framework that allows us to produce polished, complete and extensible applications swiftly. The Elasticsearch engine allows the system to deal efficiently with huge quantities of data in real-time, and serves as a high-bandwidth data-bus between components.

Our frontend work embodies best practices for usability, taking advantage of HTML5/CSS and up-to-date interface frameworks such as Compass to provide the best possible user experience. We have developed and open-sourced extensive JavaScript libraries to create the object-oriented programs driving our innovative interactive tools.

Check Dein Wissen (Swisscom) new website and application screens by Divio



We count ourselves genuinely fortunate to have partnered with Divio in this project. The team at Divio have proved to be exemplary collaborators, who were able to apprehend the scope and requirements of this complex system very rapidly. The breadth and depth of technical expertise at Divio is second-to-none, and we look forward to our future work together.

Ralph Wieser, Project Manager at Swisscom

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