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Orange Communication Switzerland - Orange Switzerland is one of the leading mobile operators in Switzerland with 1.6 million customers


Orange Switzerland is one of the leading mobile operators in Switzerland with 1.6 million customers

Orange Communication Switzerland

We have been collaborating with Orange for over three years, and were the main partner in the relaunch of

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Orange responsive website works on desktop, tablet and mobile phones

Orange is one of the three main mobile providers in Switzerland. We are providing the online services for Orange since more than 3 years and we were heavily involved in the relaunch of the website.

In this on-going partnership we have been responsible for all aspects of Orange's online presence, from conceptual and design work to backend and frontend implementation and quality assurance. Since the go-live date we have maintained a strong involvement, continuing to implement enhancements and promotions on their website.

The website main features are:

  • Fully responsive
  • Online Styleguide
  • Custom application development
  • Search

The most important applications we developed for summarized in a few words:

One of the main applications we developed for is the storelocator. The store locator provides the customer an easy way to find the closest store. Or it gives the possibility to find stores around by searching for a zipcode, city or street, the stores are pined on a Switzerland map and which makes it very easy to choose the right one to see all the details such as opening hours, exact location, etc.

Another application is the network coverage map where the customer can check, if there are any network outages or planned maintenance work.

We also developed a very strong search which ensures the customer finds what he's looking for. This is ensured through the following 3 core features:

All searchable items (pages, products, etc..) can have a category to organize them in the search results. 

Keywords are very important as both the search suggestions and spell check corrections are based on keywords, this is to allow admins more control on what gets suggested.

Boosting allows admins to give "relevance" to items in the search results, so items with a higher boosting value will be more likely to be higher in the search results, than items with a lower or no boosting value.

In addition we developed a couple of business applications such as finding your personal advisor. This is a tool that provides the customer the possibility to find his personal advisor based on different search criterias such as language and region.

Orange Communication Switzerland website screens by Divio


How does it feel working with Divio?

We were pleased with the results of the new design and implementation, not only from the perceived improvements internally within the company, but also those measured from Customer Experience Trackers and also from proved online share of Sales and Support results over a period of time. Working with the technology proved flexible from the design to the html and integration stages, when there are many different company-wide stakeholders not always aligned on the same objectives. It was a pleasure and exceedingly efficient to work in such environment.

Tom Hyde, Programme Manager, Orange Communications SA

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