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Expert Hours: the Doctor is In

Daniele Procida

Sept. 1, 2016

World-class Django assistance from the experts, when you need it.


The good news about your Django problem is that it almost certainly has a solution.

You have the problem, we have the expertise

The development team at Divio have many years of Django expertise between them, covering the range of Django-related programming. We have one of the deepest and broadest Django skillsets of any company in the world.

Whether it’s integration with frontend components or Django’s deepest internals, we’ve been there and know our way around it. This expertise has built some very substantial Django projects, and is behind some of the most highly-respected Django applications in the ecosystem, not least of which is django CMS. It’s also what built Aldryn, our own cloud deployment platform.

Our developers spend much of their time contributing to open-source projects, which includes activities such as providing support to other Django users on IRC channels and other forums.

Sometimes this sort of casual, best-effort support is enough, but often you’ll need a definitive solution to a thorny problem now. For an agency or a professional working on a Django project, a technical hold-up caused by a difficult problem isn’t just a delay, it can mean lost revenue.

Expert help - on tap

This is where our Expert Hours offering comes in. For a fixed fee of US$199 per hour, you get the undivided attention of one of our expert developers. They’re not just experienced Django programmers, but also very good at understanding other people’s issues, and discussing them in order to identify practical solutions.

As ever, our work is client-centered. The aim is not just to find a solution, but to find a solution that works for the client, that the client can understand and implement.

A recent case

Recently, one of our partner agencies had been struggling with a performance issue on one of their sites. Under high loads, response times plummeted, and despite spending over two days trying to pinpoint the cause, had not been able to identify it.

Eventually they contacted us for expert help. Within half an hour, we had eliminated a number of likely suspects (server overload, database connections, application issues) from the enquiry and established that the web server configuration meant that the WSGI daemon was trying to respawn workers when it should have been keeping them alive.

A small change deep in a configuration file was all that was required to solve the problem, and the site was able to keep up with all the demand it faced.

Just because a solution is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. In this case, it had eluded even experienced developers for days. It was taking up valuable developer time and worse, was adversely affecting the performance of one of their own clients’ sites. The expert help fee they paid for the solution was worth every penny.

Our experts

Our experts include core developers of Django and django CMS. They have expertise in Django application programming, deployment and system configuration, frontend integration and programming, usability design, desktop integration and much, much more.

They also work together as a very effective team, so that if the answer to your problem requires insights from more than one of these disciplines, they can quickly pool their expertise to hone in on the crux of the matter, and to come up with the best solution for you - one that you can understand, and make good use of.

Try it

Next time you’re stuck with a difficult issue, ask yourself how much its solution is worth. Can you afford to spend a day looking for the answer? How much does that time actually cost?

When you need a specific, clear and fast answer, $199 can be a very small price to pay for it. You'll be able to specify a time and date that suits you best. If you give us a little information in advance about the nature of the problem, we can assign the most appropriate team member to you and ensure that we come to the meeting prepared.

Book your Expert Hour now

Do you need on-going expert assistance? We’re able to offer consultancy that spans the range of web programming and deployment for projects at the largest of scales. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

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