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django CMS Training

Become a master in creating and managing content

We offer trainings specifically designed for business owners, content editors, marketing managers, social media marketers, virtual assistants, traditional webmasters and anyone wanting to learn how to create and manage content using django CMS.

All training sessions are conducted online and in English, by experienced trainers who are also intimately familiar with django CMS. On conclusion of the course each attendee will receive a certificate of attendance sent by post.

A German or Italian version of the course is available on request.

django CMS - Content Manager

These trainings will provide a working knowledge of django CMS. They will enable attendees to work more effectively, and take advantage of django CMS’s key functionalities. The aim of each course is to solidify proficiency in web content management using the system.

BASIC (2 hours)

This training is tailored for professionals with no prior knowledge of Django or django CMS who are eventually switching from another CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal to the Django world.

  • Understanding the basics of django CMS
  • Managing pages and their structure
  • Creating and updating content
  • Attaching files and media to content
  • Getting help through the community

USD 250 / person 
Min. 2 participants per course necessary, max. 8
Online Training

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ADVANCED (3 hours)

This training is aimed to professionals who have already knowledge of Django or django CMS and are seeking knowledge beyond the basics with more in-depth knowledge of the system.

  • Understanding the various concepts of django CMS
  • Advanced handling of pages and structures
  • Diving into the possibilities of the structure mode
  • Understanding the permissions system
  • Reusing content and speeding up your workflow

USD 450 / person
Min. 2 participants per course necessary, max. 5
Online Training

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Do you have specific needs, or require on-site training?

We can provide bespoke training based on custom applications developed for your clients. These training packages will be drawn up according to clients’ needs, and can cover custom and thirdparty applications.

For more information contact us by telephone +41 44 480 12 70 / +1 201-69-DIVIO or email