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django CMS Onboarding

Get your staff fully up-to-speed and familiar with django CMS

There are various levels of packages available to assist with onboarding knowledge within a development team. These vary accordingly to the lifecycle of a particular phase of a project.


django CMS package

The first of the packages available is the Basic pack. The one day programme is designed to explain the philosophy of django CMS and its structure. The one day programme is available for newcomers to django CMS. The programme assists developers in understanding the key functionalities and provides them with tips and tricks with using django CMS.


Technical Training Package

The Technical Training Package is designed to advise on best practises specific to a particular project. Working closely together in a one week intensive programme our consultants advise the Technical Leads on django CMS and Django tips and tricks.

The initial phase of the programme has the goal of discovering the current standing of the project. This review is completed together with the project’s lead developer to learn about the current status of the project and plans for the complete product. The goal is to gain a good understanding of the requirements, the project structure and the strengths of the team.

The outcome for the package is a detailed report about the project, with suggestions for techniques, tools and concrete actions to take in order to guarantee the success of the project. In addition, the report will suggest areas where the team could benefit from gaining additional knowledge and how to acquire it.


Technical Implementation Package

The Technical Implementation Package is a more focused consultation. There are specific problems known and goals that need to be achieved. The perfect follow-up package to the Technical Training Package to deepen the technical knowledge in a team in a two week intensive programme. The initial phase of the programme is to define the required targets and goals for the two week period. The team can address frequently encountered topics such as;

  • django-parler (translations framework for Django models)
  • Deployment and orchestration using Fabric or Ansible
  • Full-text search using Solr or ElasticSearch and Haystack (including detailed information about advanced topics like aggregation and faceting)
  • Redis (data structure server) for caching and high-performance data storage and retrieval
  • PostgreSQL and how it operates with the Django DB layer
  • Linux (basic knowledge e.g. setup a Python project with virtualenv, configure cron jobs or services etc.)
  • Upgrading django CMS and Django versions


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