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Divio Cloud fosters a collaborative workflow that empowers your team to do the things they do best.


No need to be an expert to launch expertly-configured projects. You click, we'll do the rest.


Keeping your sites running won't keep you up at night. We work 24/7 so they stay running smoothly.

Project creation
Project creation
Setup projects in minutes

Manage your projects, clients and users. Monitor key status data. Launch dedicated live and test website environments. Do it all through our easy-to-use control panel, where it takes just a few clicks to create, deploy and update software, including Django and Addons.

Our projects are pre-configured and optimised out-of-the-box for performance and security - we've done the hard work so you don't have to.

Iacopo Spalletti

"Divio Cloud reduces environment setup frustration to minimal, if not totally. We are migrating our Django projects to Divio Cloud because it allows us to focus on what really matters to our clients."

Iacopo Spalletti, Founder and CEO at Nephila

Hosting without tears. Or nasty surprises.

Hit Deploy, and we take care of all the rest. Need more resources? Add more RAM, instances, disk space or data transfer in moments. Having a good day on Hacker News or the New York Times? Soft limits make sure your website stays online.

Want to leave us? Docker-based containerisation means that shipping your entire site elsewhere can be accomplished in minutes, with a minimum of fuss.

“Divio Cloud is able to transform a complicated deployment process into a very simple one that anyone can use. The web interface is also clear and easy to use for anybody within our company.”

Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at

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Continuous integration

Enjoy a modern fully-versioned project development workflow using Git: detailed change logs, roll-back, fine-grained history control. Fork and merge projects as branches to develop new features in separate environments with a shared history.

Develop with confidence, knowing that what works locally will also work in the cloud: the Divio App will create a complete containerised replica of your cloud environment on your local machine.

Dominic Monn, Web Developer

"With Divio Cloud I'm super fast and I can focus on what I like the most: developing custom applications. Divio Cloud brings django CMS closer to Wordpress and that's quite an achievement."

Dominic Monn, Web Developer

Let everyone work together

Add and manage team members. Control their levels of access. While the developers develop and the designers design, bring on board freelance content editors and share progress with the client, all in a managed way.

As work progresses, grant editing access to the client’s team. When it's ready, hand the entire project over to the client, smoothly and seamlessly. And all the while, maintain oversight of who did what, and when.

Guy Harding

“With the Divio Support Center and our internal documentation, we were able to have a standardised approach. This facilitates the onboarding of new team members and collaborators and helps sharing know-how among the team.”

Guy Harding, Founder at Verisage

Activity Stream

  • Vanessa Vanessa
    Project created based on django CMS and Bootstrap 3.
  • Vanessa Vanessa
    Installed django-debug-toolbar 1.5.0
  • Jakub Jakub
    Started deployment of Test Server
  • Daniele Daniele
    Added new domain
  • Jakub Jakub
    Updated django CMS from to
  • Loriana Loriana
    Changed Live Server subscription to Business Protection+
  • Loriana Loriana
    Started deployment of Live Server
Divio CloudDjangoAWSCloudfare
Django is the web application framework for perfectionists with deadlines. It's flexible, secure and very popular, used in hundreds of thousand of web applications. Django helps you develop powerful applications and projects, fast. It also benefits from a friendly open-source community, excellent documentation and a huge number of libraries for re-use in your projects.
Amazon's global web services provide the foundations for a rock-solid core infrastructure that can handle millions of containers on large data clusters. Our hosting systems can scale up and down, seamlessly and instantaneously, ensuring that performance doesn't suffer under when demand rises fast, and that costs remain as low as possible.
CloudFlare's global content delivery network places your content closer to your visitors, so that your sites are faster. CloudFlare also provides an additional security layer, helping protect your websites from online threats.
Rely on a Secure & Performant Infrastructure

Faster is better. Divio Cloud websites deliver the best possible response times. Our architecture makes use of the most advanced technologies, including CloudFlare CDN, high-speed page caching and every technique we've been able to use.

Your Django sites are built on a secure infrastructure and carefully configured and hardened. We care about data safety, session security, and network protection, and work according to strict security policies and best practices.

Meanwhile, we monitor our systems and your projects proactively, 24/7, and run automated checks to catch problems even before they have a chance to occur. Your websites are literally our business: we're dedicated to keeping them running smoothly.

Petr Klus

"On top of a great and modern product, the support is extremely fast and handled by people who know what they are doing!"

Petr Klus, Technical Director at Bonsai Tiger

All Features at a Glance
Automated site monitoring

Built-in monitoring alerts our team to potential issues, so they can be dealt with before they become problems.

Role based site & project access

Manage users and their roles in different projects, from administrators to clients and freelancers, all in a team-centred workflow.

Django hosting

State-of-the-art hosting for django CMS, Wagtail and Oscar, with one-click updates and expertly-configured projects.


Work with confidence, knowing you can roll back your database, code or media files to a previous state in seconds.

Managed postgres

We take care of the database, ensuring that it's up-to-date, configured for security, and optimised for Django applications.

Full Git integration

All your project code is versioned in Git, so you can track and revert changes and use a Git workflow for project development.

Developer tools

Divio Cloud comes with powerful tools that help you to develop applications quickly while still having full control over the stack.

Smooth scaling

Our massively-scalable hosting infrastructure means that your sites won't drop anything that gets thrown at them.

No hard limits & care-free packages

Enjoy your big day on the front page of Hacker News, we won't spoil it. We'll keep it up, even past the limits of your subscription.

Switch from PHP to Python/Django - Divio can help

Considering to switch from PHP to Python/Django? We can help

Divio provides onboarding services to quickly and easily make the switch from PHP based systems to a better workflow based on Python/Django and Divio Cloud.

Learn more

Need Expert Help?

Divio's world-class services and tools for Django & django CMS are used and supported by a global network of partner agencies who are available to help you develop and implement your ideas into high-value, sustainable online presences and experiences.

Our partner agencies offer:

  • In-depth expertise, from backend development to user experience design
  • Responsive help and advice, from concept to implementation
  • Python/Django and other problem-solving expertise
  • End-to-end project development services

Find your Divio partner

We can also help identify the ideal partner for your project.

Become a divio partner

The Divio Partnership Programme gives our partners access to additional services and commissions for their revenues.

  • Attractive, scaling referral commission
  • Extension of the range and value of your existing services
  • Receive local referrals from Divio
  • First-class technical support from our team
  • Free Divio Cloud Collaboration plans for your company
  • Marketing & PR support for higher customer engagement
  • Programme onboarding
  • Placement of your brand on the Divio websites

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