Both! Divio is built on AWS and takes the best-fit components to create a platform optimised for Django.

What do we add to AWS?

AWS security groups can be difficult to understand - Divio simplifies this greatly into project collaborators.

Deploying to AWS requires technical know-how - Divio Desktop means anyone can deploy a professional site.

AWS price model grows as you use it making it difficult to predict your monthly costs - Divio has one fixed cost.

AWS provides the base components to build with - but you're on your own with middleware configuration and integration. Divio provides out-of-the box project set-ups, boilerplates and an addon ecosystem to save you time.

AWS consists of 125 different products at last count - staying current with developments and knowing which services to integrate can be time consuming and difficult. We do this for you, to create the best-fit platform for running Django projects.