Divio served as one of the main partners involved in the online switch from Orange to Salt. We worked on a new user experience for the Salt Portal, Community and Intranet for over a year while working closely with Salt as well as two companies from Sweden and Finland who provided the Shop and MyAccount functionalities for the new online appearance. 

The project was kept strictly confidential for over a year, until the name change and the new website were announced on April 23, 2015.

We've used Python, Django and django CMS for the projects. Using Django allowed us to combine many different modes of functionality (public-facing portal, community site, intranet), rapidly developing in itterative fashion together with the client. By using django CMS we were able to give the client the ability to create and edit content easily while developing the brand while consistently applying styling and behaviour to produce great-looking results. Using django CMS addons like News & Blog we were able to provide sophisticated functionality and customise it to Salt's needs.

We developed a centralised, online multi-platform authentication solution via Single Sign On (SSO) within the Salt Portal. This offers one login for access to five different platforms: Portal, Community, Shop, MyAccount and Identity.

Two of the key features in Salt’s customer experience are the usage and billing widgets. These two widgets show logged in users their current bill balance and usage directly on the homepage. Depending on whether the user has a prepaid or postpaid subscription, we display different content. This segmentation also gives us the ability to show different widgets, depending on whether the user is logged in or not, and if the user is a business or residential user.

Another key feature is the robust search function. All platforms are indexed and can be found via a central search input field in the header, which is shared across all platforms.

To ensure that the most important results are shown first, we implemented a boosting functionality and keywords, which can be controlled by the content manager. All searchable items (pages, products, community questions, etc..) are assigned a category to organize them within the search results. To make the search faster, we implemented an auto­-suggestion overlay, which suggests the most relevant results while typing.

Website main features:

  • Multi­platform authentication
  • Billing and usage widgets
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Custom application development
  • Fully responsive
  • Based on django CMS


The Salt portal offers a range of new features, which allow users to find content quickly and easily.

We also invented a few new services for Salt called “active services”. These are quick links on the homepage header, which allow user access to different pages and applications from every platform.

One of these applications is the Store Locator, which provides customers with an easy way to find the closest store, based on a geoIP search input. It also provides the ability to find stores by searching for zip code, city or street. Stores are pinned on a map, making it easy for the user to choose the desired store and click, to see details such as opening hours, exact address, etc.

Another application is the Network Coverage Map, which allows customers to check the mobile service coverage in their city and whether 2G, 3G or 4G is supported at that location. It also features an up­to­date map, which shows current network outages and planned maintenance work.

The website offers a variety of ways to get in contact with Salt stores and the ability to order a call­back from Salt agents or directly book an agent in a Salt store.

Another integrated application is Salt CineDay, which allows users to check which cinemas offer 2­ for­ 1 movie tickets.

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