The Salt Community is based on the Webframework Django which allowed us to combine many different modes of functionality (public-facing portal, community site, intranet), rapidly developing in itterative fashion together with the client.

The Salt Community offers user interactions between customers and the Salt Community team. Users can register on the Salt website and submit questions directly to the Salt Community team or to other members and receive immediate answers. Users can ask questions, give answers or comment on others questions. A tag system is also in place, allows users to easily find questions they’re interested in.

Every community member can create their own user profile with an avatar and personal details, and earns Karma and Badges based on their activity in the community. Users are also able to follow questions or other users and receive immediate email notifications when a new answer is submitted or a user they are following performs a specific action. Users can also communicate with other members via a private messaging service.

Website main features:

  • Multi­platform authentication
  • Separate moderators dashboard
  • Karma and Badges measurement on user activity
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Fully responsive
  • Django based


A key feature we created specifically for the Salt Community is the Dashboard, which allows moderators to easily keep track of any new activity in the community. All new messages are post moderated by the Salt Community team, and moderators have the ability to set a variety of hidden tags. The Dashboard also offers pre­moderation functionality for images and links.

The integrated login procedure is a single sign­-on based on CAS, which allows users to login once and gain access to five different platforms. With the shared header, we also integrated a search mechanism which allows users to search all five platforms at once.

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