Prezi makes it possible for anyone to make beautiful dynamic presentations with powerful built-in analytics to measure the results. Presentations are instantly more engaging with a fresh and innovative presentation experience. 


Prezi needed a modern content management system to replace the bespoke solution it used to create the marketing pages of its website. Designers would prototype each page on a dedicated test server before the engineering team would migrate the content to the live production site and add any additional features.

The company has seen tremendous growth and with more than 100 million customers, needed a more scalable future-looking solution. By introducing the right CMS, it would allow the team to become more autonomous and work more effectively.

Why django CMS ?

Prezi uses Django and Python extensively so using a Django-based CMS was a natural choice and facilitates integration with existing Prezi services and infrastructure.

Prezi decided upon django CMS primarily for ease-of-use in content creation and the add-on ecosystem that allows the Prezi team to customise and tailor to their needs with the confidence and backing of long-term support.

Enterprise services from Divio

As a central and tightly integrated part of the overall Prezi experience, Prezi runs django CMS upon its own infrastructure.

By adding Divio Premium upgrade features, the Prezi team can focus more on creating the best possible service whilst Divio provide expert technical support and enterprise add-ons.


django CMS with Divio Premium Upgrade allows the Prezi team to focus more on what’s important: creating the best possible content and services for our users
Jonathan Schwartz, Senior Product Manager, Prezi

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