For the APG|SGA websites we developed a coherent and meaningful visual design language. This serves to unify not only aesthetic presentation but the presentation of information expressed through it as well. We unified the online branding of the six sub-companies of the APG|SGA group under a single online styleguide and implemented a consistent redesign across the group.

The new sites have returned immediate, quantifiable value, directly attributable to improved usability and new interactive tools, including a 12% increase in return visits and a stunning 75% increase in mobile users.

The website main features are:

  • Fully responsive
  • Online Styleguide
  • Unified branding
  • Plenty of interactive tools to engage users and business professionals
  • The Virtual World

A series of interactive tools, such as the showpiece Virtual World, allow visitors to explore APG|SGA's products and pricing, and even visualise their own materials in variety of real-life settings and environments. With the Virtual World potential customers come to APG|SGA with ideas in mind and this tool allows them to discover, in a natural and unforced way, options they may not have otherwise considered. The intuitive approach offered by the Virtual World has proved its value by drawing in new business.

The interactive toolsets show - rather than simply tell - visitors what their options are, making them much more meaningful. Combined with attractive, relevant imagery and simple workflows, this takes the usefulness of the tools to another level and leaves the user genuinely better-informed. The "Sujet-Check" is for example an innovative tool that allows users to visualise and understand the impact of their advertising in real-life settings on Swiss streets, using photographs and realistic human perspectives.

We significantly increased usability without compromising usefulness for three target audiences - advertising professionals, agency staff and the general public - by overhauling the information architecture of all APG|SGA group websites. Content and navigation have been simplified and streamlined and menus improved, with a series of techniques addressing all levels of information design. Content has been re-organised and re-structured, removing duplication and reducing the discovery burden upon visitors. The new sites prioritise accessibility and optimise performance, offering a better user experience to more users and encouraging more exploration of the group's services, tools and promotions.

From the frontend of our webstack to the deployment layer, we work according to Internet standards with robust, modern and elegant open-source components. We are not just enthusiastic users of open-source software, but active supporters of and contributors to it as well. Our frontend work embodies best practices for usability, taking advantage of HTML5/CSS and up-to-date interface frameworks such as Compass to provide the best possible user experience. We have developed and open-sourced extensive JavaScript libraries to create the object-oriented programs driving our innovative interactive tools. At the heart of our work lies Django, a Python-based web application framework that allows us to produce polished, complete and extensible applications swiftly. We use cutting-edge containerisation technology including Docker to make our deployments fast, reliable and hugely scalable, and ready to respond rapidly to new requirements.

The redeveloped websites have brought the client immediate, quantifiable value, directly attributable to improved usability and the new interactive tools. This includes a 12% increase in returning visitors: customers and potential customers for whom the new sites are worth more of their time and attention. Our work targeting mobile and handheld platform users has reaped dividends. Tablet sessions increased by 33%, while mobile users showed a stunning 75% increase.

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