To create an intuitive, highly effective style guide for our new projects, we searched for the best open source solution available.

Even though we understood that a good amount of work would have to go into adapting to the needs of our clients, we chose this technology due to its outpouring of worldwide community support that’s always willing to go above and beyond in order to improve the integrity of the code.

Bootstrap offers a powerful, extendable base that’s compatible with any size project. In addition to this incredible benefit, we chose Bootstrap for several additional reasons:

1. The Grid

To develop a responsive and more box-based modular website, a grid is essential. Bootstrap offers a 12-column grid out of the box that allows users to set the breakpoints, amount of columns, and gutter in order to perfectly match their site design. More importantly, it makes a front-end developer’s job a whole lot easier. Additionally you can extend the grid to 16 or 24 columns just by adapting the settings.

2. Updates

Different from other known frameworks where updates occur only once or twice a year, Bootstrap performs updates on a regular basis. As soon as a developer from the large open source community discovers a bug or useful feature, the Bootstrap Team will fix/implement it.

3. Consistency

The challenge of projects this size is maintaining consistency between developers. Every party that touches the code needs to follow strict guidelines. Bootstrap offers a variety of reusable elements throughout each project and maintains congruency across all devices and browsers.

4. Saves Time

The fact that bootstrap offers many pre-built components drastically increases front-end development speed. To further increase speeds, we use the SASS version of Bootstrap. This allows us to focus on more important decisions and reviews, and ensure clean code.

Bootstrap is a great starting point for FE beginners. Results are very fast and it's easy to improve your CSS skills by playing around with it. Even if you're a back-end developer without any CSS knowledge, you can still create user-friendly websites with Bootstrap.
Sergii Kulakovskyi - Front-end Developer, Divio AG

5. Customisable

Because Bootstrap’s library is fully customisable, the framework can be downloaded with any number of modules. There’s no need to download the entire package if it doesn’t suit your needs.

The need for a sophisticated CSS framework grew during our company's development and Bootstrap fulfilled this need.
Angelo Dini - Front-end Team Lead and Senior Front-end Developer, Divio AG

I really like that Bootstrap is platform agnostic and lets you easily customize all components. This accelerates our development process immensely.
Lio Mendonca - Front-end Developer, Divio AG

6. Fully Responsive

Bootstrap is highly responsive. If you use a laptop or tablet, you won’t need to adapt your website content and design. Bootstrap adapts to any change in platforms with super speed and efficiency.

7. Impressive Documentation

Compared to other frameworks and libraries, Bootstrap offers impressive documentation. Well-structured and very easy to use, it even contains an ergonomic “copy” button to quickly copy code elements onto the clipboard and consequently paste them into any code you’re working on.

In the meantime, we decided to implement the framework into ALDRYN. Check it out on

We thank the entire community and we're happy to contribute to Bootstrap, ourselves. We can’t wait to contribute further in order to keep such a great project alive.