Divio's new Release channels functionality gives users and developers more control over software.

Divio now offers more control over exactly which versions of software you decide to use.

Software on Aldryn can be released in three different channels, as alpha, beta or stable versions.

  • Alpha software is work-in-progress, that you use at your own risk.
  • Beta software is nearly-ready, but not yet fully tested.
  • Stable software should be reliable and properly tested.

You can install or update each Addon from the release channel of your choice,which also determines the notifications you receive for updates.

Your site's Base project can also be selected from different release channels, so you can explore updates before they're officially launched.

Using beta/alpha versions

Generally, it's recommended to wait for stable versions of the software you use to become available, but the alpha and beta channels are useful for testing or exploring new software. For example, new features in an existing package may be released in an alpha version for testing by a small group, or a beta may be released for feedback from users.

For developers

If you develop software for Aldryn, when you upload a release you can mark it as alpha, beta or stable, to place it in an appropriate channel.

Generally speaking new software should be placed in the alpha channel, so that only those users who are willing to be exposed to alpha-version software will even see it.

The alpha and beta channels are an excellent way to share your work-in-progress with a smaller audience, for testing and feedback before a final release - users who opt to install beta or even alpha software know what they are choosing, and will have appropriate expectations for it.

At the same time, you get valuable feedback about how many users have installed particular versions of your Addon.