If you need an SLA guaranteeing service and response times, there's a Managed Cloud option to suit your needs.

Our Self-service hosting options take all the pain out of Django deployment. They’re fully-featured and reliable, and offer seamless upgrades to the next level when your site becomes more complex and demanding.

For projects where you need guaranteed uptime and more technical support, our Managed Cloud offerings, starting with the Professional package, are the next step.

They all offer 99.95% uptime guarantees and a high-availability set-up, suitable for business-critical sites that can’t afford to be offline or underperforming even for the briefest of periods.

Our Business and Business Protection+ levels add greater capacity (more resources - RAM, disk space, bandwidth) and more features. These include access to backend provisioning (ElasticSearch, Celery and so on) as well as content delivery optimisation via CloudFlare services.

Business Protection+ also includes options for support even before you launch a site, with expert on-boarding and go-live checks.

Finally, our Enterprise-level packages can be tailored to meet any kind of technical or support requirement. We’re even able to set up a Managed Cloud infrastructure that runs on your own premises, and is able to meet the most stringent data sovereignty requirements.

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