Park Immobilien is a well-known real estate agency at the luxury end of the Swiss market. Foursight Digital rebuilt their website using modern Django-based tools, running on the Divio Cloud platform.

From WordPress to django CMS

Park Immobilien’s website, built on WordPress with a plugin for real estate management, had served the company well, but bringing it up-to-date to meet newer requirements was becoming more difficult. This proprietary backend was not wholly aligned with Park Immobilien’s needs, and its codebase was complex, making change requests difficult and slow to fulfil. Foursight Digital in Zürich developed a plan to re-implement the site using newer technology, and put it on foundations that would make updates easier to manage. This also allowed Foursight to realize new additional features like the multilingual system and a dedicated admin view for translators.

The existing backend was rebuilt with a suite of Python/Django applications, including django CMS and a number of custom applications created to manage business data for the site. The Python and Django applications now combine the tasks of data management and web publishing into a single fully-integrated system, eliminating the overhead of managing communication between components.

The new website includes features that couldn’t be provided in the original system. Most significant of these is a module, built as a Django microservice, to handle synchronisation with Homegate, Switzerland’s largest property sales and rental platform. The new site makes use of the powerful multilingual features of django CMS and is fully multilingual, serving users in German, French, Italian and English.

At the same time, the new site needed to maintain Park Immobilien’s existing design and user experience, and also to include all of its key existing functionality for both end users and site managers, a task made easier thanks to django CMS’s flexibility.

Rapid development cycles

As well as meeting the client’s requirements now, the new system is readily adaptable to future needs. It makes the implementation of client demands and realisation of new ideas a faster and easier process than ever before, and has already enabled the rapid deployment of new features whose development had previously been stalled.

New functionality in the site includes for example geolocation to help the site deliver a personalised user experience by default, and integrated Bitcoin pricing.


The Park Immobilien web presence was developed and deployed using Divio Cloud technology. It’s hosted on Divio’s Swiss Cloud region, providing the site with stable, scalable architecture, and joined-up development, test and production environments.

The new Park Immobilien solution gives us the possibility to realise ideas that makes our website and business proposal unique. The web-based management of our properties is now practical and efficient. The digital experts from the established company Foursight Digital AG in Zürich understood our needs immediately and realised a system which will help grow our business. The project management and the communication during the project phase was focused on our needs and the modernisation of our system. The technical package of our solution with Django and Divio Cloud give us the full stability and flexibility we require.
Kurt Blunschi, Founder, Park Immobilien AG