This year's DjangoCon Europe is coming up fast and for us it's a great chance both to meet our fellow Django developers and also meet our users - often for the first time.

This year, we're sponsoring the event, and members of the Divio team are speaking (presenting a keynote and a deep-dive technical session). Several members of the engineering team are joining from around the world to be on hand to answer questions and participate in discussions. The full schedule has now been finalised and our sessions will include:

Katie McLaughlin: ORM - The Sequel

Technical talk (Thursday, 11:00–11:30)

Already know SQL, but aren't familiar with Django? This talk will look at Django's ORM from this different perspective. More info in the schedule.

Daniele Procida: The Naïve Programmer

Keynote (Friday, 09:10–10:00)

On skill and sophistication in programming.

Also at the event will be two other key members of our team: Paulo Alvarado, lead developer of django CMS, and Dennis Schwertel, one of our platform engineers.

DjangoCon Europe, like the other developer events we attend, is an important part of our open-source approach. We build our own products with open-source components and one small way of being able to give back is to be at events to champion the technologies and provide support wherever possible - we are part of the community, so we look after it.

We applaud the efforts that this event's organisers have put in to make it as accessible as possible, so we have opted to sponsor the speech to text live-captioning service during the talks. It's a valuable and much-appreciated feature of the conference and we're proud to be associated with it.

Meet us at DjangoCon Europe


Saturday 16.45

On May 27th we will hold a workshop where the Divio team will be on hand to answer any questions and provide support. It's a great chance to find better ways to deploy to Divio and get hands-on help with any questions you might have.

Note: space will be limited. If you are interested in attending please reserve your place!

Another meeting

Any time!

We're going to be at the event from the start of the first day till the end of the last. We'll be at the talks, lunches, coffee breaks, social events and the sprints - and we'd be delighted to talk to you.

You can simply catch up with us at the event, but if you'd like to be sure of getting hold of us, please use let us know using the link below.

Register for the workshop / arrange a meeting

Where are we going with django CMS?

You might already know that we are a major contributor to django CMS. If you would like a look ahead at whats coming up and more specifically, what to expect in the next major release then DjangoCon is an ideal meeting spot. We would happy to answer any questions you might have and help out with any issues.

Like all things Django? Join us and do great things with it!

People who are interested in Django will find that they are right at home at Divio. If you're considering a new challenge, DjangoCon Europe is an opportunity to meet the people who could be your future team-mates. If that's appealing, have a look at our openings. Our team is globally distributed and many of us work remotely, so don't hesitate to consider a position even if we don't have an office in your location.

At DjangoCon Europe you'll be able chat to our team, and find out what working at Divio is like.