This month we are launching our 5 essential Divio Addons package for your Divio website!

We started with the updated Aldryn News & Blog, an Divio Addon that allows you to build easy and effective weblog and news pages in order to keep your visitors up to date. This website provides you with a good example of Aldryn News & Blog.

In the following weeks we’ll be introducing our other four essential Addons: FAQ, Events, Jobs and People. This collection allows django CMS users to build a complex website in a simple and user friendly way. The essential Addons package is the first of the more to come Divio Addons collection.

Aldryn News & Blog, FAQ, Jobs and Events support features like Spaces which lets you manage multiple weblog instances for different sections of your website, internationalisation that allows content in multiple languages and versioning to access previous versions of your content. Aldryn People only supports internationalisation.

The Addons are of course open-source and can also be used outside of Divio.

Are you ready for a brand new Addons package for your django CMS website?
Try Aldryn News & Blog and stay tuned for the next Addons!