Our handpicked highlights of cloud news for the week. 

GOOGLE CLOUD sweeten their ENTERPRISE offering

Google Cloud has announced a new Premium Support service coupled with Service-level objective - a component of an SLA which aims to govern measurables such as response times and availability, aimed at addressing enterprise support needs. The Premium Support service differs from usual Google Cloud support channels by essentially providing access to a technical account manager and additional expert technical resources. The intention is to further extend the service later in the year through additional consulting services to evaluate and improve existing DevOps practises.

Opinion: the well established enterprise-ready support and accompanying SLA that Divio provides includes a direct line to account specialists and expert hands-on support that extends across multi-cloud technology - using multiple cloud vendors to reduce risk of single vendor outage. We pride ourselves on our support and accompanying documentation.


Data centres are in focus as a significant source of carbon given their power consumption. The worlds data centres combined consume more yearly power than the entire UK and are set to account for 3.2% of carbon emissions by 2025. Microsoft is responding, in part, through the release of a new Sustainability Calculator designed to make it easier to determine the carbon impact of each subscription on Azure over time. It offers a granular view of how much each workload is producing offset against renewable energy. Enterprises can use this tool to understand their carbon footprint through their data centre usage and look at ways to offset and reduce impact.

Opinion: an immediate way to reduce energy consumption while lowering costs is careful resource management - dont leave instances running when no longer used, spin down development environments after hours and constantly trim computing power.  


AWS Backup was launched last year and provided a convenient way to readily backup data, supporting AWS databases and filesystems. AWS has now expanded this service based on user feedback, to provide complete backups of entire instances allowing instances to be re-created in full, including the instance type, virtual private network and access groups and permissions. The associated data is also included in the backup, rather than requiring a separate recovery procedure as part of re-creating the instance from fresh.