This week, we're proud to be releasing the most significant improvements to Aldryn since we first launched it last year.

The Control Panel

Our new Control Panel represents months of work; the interface is more streamlined and easier to use, offering more information and faster management. We have implemented a repsonsive design, making it possible to mange and deploy projects from mobile devices.

We've expanded its management capabilities, with a flexible Organisations feature. Organisations make Aldryn even more suited to the needs of agencies and multiple collaborators.

Along with Organisations are more sophsticated Billing plans, that allow you to respond to the growing needs of your web publishing activity - whether you need to expand the number of people you work with or the number of sites you're responsible for.

New Boilerplate

We have a new Bootstrap-based Boilerplate for you to use as the foundation of your sites. It's up-date with the latest standards, putting the power of a leading front-end framework right at your fingertips in new Aldryn sites.

New Addon applications

We've added some new Aldryn applications into the Addons Marketplace - key tools for typical content-led websites.

They are powerful, flexible and easily adapted to your own requirements if you need to modify them, because they are all open-sourced and available on GitHub.

The new applications include Aldryn NewsBlog, Aldryn Events and Aldryn FAQ. They adopt common patterns and set standards for Aldryn Addon development, so anyone interested in developing applications for Aldryn is encouraged to study them.


Behind the scenes, deployments of new sites are faster and more reliable than ever.

Check it out now in the Aldryn Control Panel