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Velocity Webworks


Velocity Webworks started in 2005 in Idaho Falls. Our first few clients were friends that needed help with website maintenance and hosting. Gradually the number of clients grew strictly through referrals.

Our team grew in proportion to the number of clients we were serving.  The values of being available, reliable, skilled, and offering great service to underserved niches has helped form who Velocity is today. Being entrepreneurial in spirit, we've also spun off a few other technology-related ventures.  In the fall of 2015, Velocity was acquired by iGlobal Stores, an international e-commerce business, adding more resources to Velocity's arsenal.  


1. Design We believe that what we produce needs to look attractive and be current with popular trends. We also believe that design goes beyond what you see on your screen; design delivering an excellent user experience. We believe that the time spent devoted to detailed design is never wasted and think it should be the first step when breaking ground on a new project.

2. Development Development refers to the function of the website. We believe good development isn't cookie cutter. The best developers listen to their clients' needs and efficiently build the best solution for them. Good development includes client involvement along the way. We believe that being flexible is more important than low cost solutions.

3. Marketing You may have the best website in the world, but if people don't know about it, it's not going to do you much good. We believe good marketing begins at the very beginning of the project – not something you sprinkle on afterwards. We also believe marketing is more than just SEO (search engine optimization) – and we'd love to share our years of experience with you during our consulting.

4. Education We believe that our clients need to take the time to learn how to manage their website or app and plan for growth. We believe that the more you know about the web, trends, and your visitors, the better decisions you'll make and see a return on your investment more quickly.