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Leonis Holding


Modern businesses not only require either a good product or either a good marketing strategy, clients and users demand perfection. Thus our approach is to deeply analyse the needs of our clients, understand their products and services, elaborate an optimal strategy for communication and a cost efficient solution for implementing these requirements.


Coming from Enterprise Software and working on infrastructure projects, we are used to work with state of the art technology and expand our knowledge continuously. We are familiar and happy with Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and other web technologies.

Server setups are the foundation for a successful implementation of software, so we are working with Linux systems everyday, are always busy with optimising databases such as PostgreSQL or pulling out some extra speed of our nginx setups. 

Intranet Portals and Solutions are our core expertise, where we select software stacks playing together, expanding functionality for each application and connecting these with each other for a satisfying user experience.